FASD has major implications for just about every aspect of our legal system including our civil, juvenile, and criminal justice systems. There is a critical need for improvement in our legal system as it relates to persons with an FASD and to build the capacity of our courts and related professionals to be prepared to effectively identify and work with individuals impacted by FASD.

The Center on FASD Justice & Equity is working to convene stakeholders to address the need for improvement in civil and criminal courts. There is an opportunity to address in the foster care and child welfare system along with the family courts. There is also a pressing need to address issues in the juvenile justice and adult criminal justice system.




There are also considerations related to the increased risks for victimization for individuals on the spectrum. It is important that our system is considering suspects, victims, and witnesses with an FASD.

Increasing Equitable Access to Justice

Everyone deserves equitable access to justice! Our justice system has become inaccessible to many. This issue must be addressed as a matter of justice and equity.

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