We have compiled a list of research articles and publications on issues related to the intersection of FASD and health. Have an idea for a health related research paper we should include on the site? Submit papers for consideration to ruth@mofas.org.

Publications & Papers

Improving pregnancy outcomes among high-risk mothers who abuse alcohol and drugs: Factors associated with subsequent exposed births

This article by Therese Grant, et al. This paper demonstrates that women who struggle with Alcohol and/or Substance Use Disorders experience a myriad of complicating factors and challenges trying to succeed in treatment. This paper explores how interventions can be modified for better outcomes.

Understanding the Occurrence of Secondary Disabilities in Clients with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

While this report from renowned Anne Streissguth, et al. is from 1996, it is one of the most referenced reports related to common secondary disabilities that may be seen with individuals with an FASD. The research project focused on examining the types and magnitude of secondary disabilities associated with FASD and an assessment of risk and protective factors that alter the rates of secondary disabilities.