The Center on FASD Justice and Equity is actively working to collect research-based and promising practices on what works to improve the lives of children and families impacted by an FASD related to educational outcomes. We provide summaries of effective proven and promising programs and information on how to access more information.

Language to Literacy Program

Language to Literacy is an evidence-based classroom program that provides instruction to improve receptive and expressive language skills as well as early literacy skills for 9 to 10 year olds. The program is a combination of language therapy, phonological awareness, and literacy training by a speech therapist. The program has been shown to improve literacy, reading, and spelling skills.

Look for more information on the Language to Literacy Program here.

Math Interactive Learning Experience

The Math Interactive Learning Experience is an evidence-based math tutoring program for youth exposed to alcohol prenatally. The Fetal Alcohol and Drug Clinic at the Marcus Instituted in Atlanta, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has developed a model program suitable for children, ages 3 to 9 years, who are at risk for math problems. Investigators found that children who received the 6-week intervention showed significant improvement in math and handwriting skills.

Get more information on Math Interactive Learning Experience here.

The Interagency Collaborative FASD Project

The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, along with Minneapolis Public Schools, and the University of Minnesota piloted a promising collaboration to address the myriad of issues that children with an FASD face in educational settings. It was based on the need for community, medical, and school partnerships. The project implemented a screening protocol for prenatal alcohol exposure as part of kindergarten readiness, coordinated expedited FASD diagnostic assessments, included clinicians as part of student’s IEP team, and included district-wide training for teachers.

For more information on the Interagency Collaborative FASD Project contact the Center for FASD Justice and Equity.

Preparing Future Educators Collaboration

The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has a long-standing collaboration with Augsburg College focused on preparing future teachers to work with students impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure. This is a promising practice that can be replicated. The collaborating includes training and experiential activities and school observations to understand the implications for schools related to prenatal alcohol exposure.

For more information on the Preparing Future Educators Collaboration contact the Center on FASD Justice & Equity.

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