News Alert: New Medical-Legal Partnership


FASD Justice

MOFAS is pleased to announce that, to build on our National Center on FASD Justice & Equity project, we have been awarded funds from the American Bar Endowment to develop and launch the first of its kind medical-legal partnership to protect the legal rights of people impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure.

The project will embed attorneys with medical staff at the MOFAS FASD Diagnostic Clinic to tackle health-harming legal issues. Such partnerships have been endorsed as effective practices by both the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association.

Many of the families we serve face challenging social conditions related to education, housing, employment, and accessing services and benefits, all of which add layers of complexity to addressing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). We are excited to develop this new service and create a series of medical-legal partnership tools designed for health centers serving people with an FASD.

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For questions about this, contact Ruth Richardson, Director of Programs and National Strategic Initiatives, at or 651-917-2370.

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